Thickening hair mousse with Hyaluronic Acid for thinning hair.

Kerastase Densifique Densimorphose® Hair Mousse improves hair texture, creates thick hair, and illuminates shiny hair. Leaves a soft touch for a sensitive scalp.

How To Use Densifique Hair Mousse 

Shake well before use. Apply an orange size amount of Kerastase Densimorphose® Hair Mousse to towel dried hair. Distribute the mousse from roots to ends with a comb. Blow dry and style for desired look.

Kerastase Densimorphose Hair Mousse Key Ingredients 

Hyaluronic Acid - This ultra concentrated acid plumps the hair, preventing future hair breakage. Gluco Peptide - Enters the deepest layers of the cuticle to strengthen existing hair. Ceramides - Enhances shine, promotes elasticity and moisture retention and aids in strengthening hair.

Kerastase Densifique Collection

Densifique Hair Products were created to increase hair density. This collection is excellent for thinning hair, hair strengthening and as an effective hair texturizer. Products include Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-Cyclane ® which strengthens and protects.