L’ANZA Healing Style Air Paste with Strong Hold Effect prevents flyaways, provides control, and adds body and texturize. This weight-free formula provides you with long-lasting hold and wide and even coverage.

Mold and define your look with L'ANZA Healing Style Air Paste. L'ANZA's first sprayable styling paste with revolutionary air technology, this innovative styling product can be used on short, long, fine, straight or curly hair to prevent flyaways, provide control, add body and texturize. Wax-free and formulated to prevent build up, the weightless L'ANZA Healing Style Air Paste formula offers a control of 8-10 for a totally customizable style.

How To Use L'ANZA Air Paste

Shake L'ANZA Healing Style Air Paste well for 4 seconds to oxygenate. Spray into damp or dry hair.